Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simon's Last Thoughts

Still from The Lord of the Flies (1962) Simon: Tom Gaman

In quiet times
Way down here

I realize there’s nothing left for me.

I will melt
Like a starfish in the sea

And nothing will be left of me.

Its just too late
The sun has become a fearsome thing
And the devil has more than his due.

In quiet times
Way down in here
I hear the voices of the radiant
and innocent

Asking why did so many millions have to die?

What did freedom mean?

Like a starfish in the sea
Do I know the end of me?

It’s getting late
The sun has become a fearsome thing
Anyway, it’s time to be getting home.

In ugly times
Way down in here

I realize we never really found the way.

Why did you say
That God or Christ ever went away

So the Devil could lead us all astray.

It’s in your books
It’s in your church

Lying like dust upon the altar there.

All around, and up your nose
And settling on the statue’s frozen pose.

So to sin they had to clear the good away.

It’s gotten late
And the sun is setting on a hopeless scene
There is no rock on which to lean.

And all the light
Which illuminates the golden things
Are just reflections from the fire
That we built because…

Well, just because.

It’s just too late
We don’t deserve to be here, anymore
And anyway I’m tired and want for nothing more.

I’m getting tired…

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  1. excellent... I like all the white space... like pauses in the stream of consciousness