Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tatterdemalion Dreams

It was always summertime then
And softness flowed soft jeans.
Time moved colorful flags,
They were going back to the garden
In their Chevrolets.

Everyone had the summertime blues
Except for the day-tripping dreamers.
Time swept down summer rain;
They all found something fun to do
In the upstate mud.

Summer came to an end too soon
Though fires burned in desert twilight.
The king of jokers danced in the wind;
Knives flashed, innocence died
In the Santa Ana winds.

Now hair grays, stringy in wintertime,
Tie-dye is a market for pot-bellies.
The easy neighborhood dreams of fast bucks,
The walrus grumbles in endless loop-back,
Summertime’s a cheap decal.

So there’s your dream, Americans,
In tattered rags, once flags of youth.
The promise of endless cool and earth
Swallowed in the corporate vibe;
Aquarius, a nova-star.

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