Sunday, May 19, 2013

Windows and Waves

There is a window
Behind the moon
Where winds move
and trumpet flowers play
just beyond the frame.

Stars, you know
Dream of glass
And glass dreams
Of when it was sand
And sands dream always in the sun.

We know obsidian lizards drink
From dark fire rivers
And do not dream of anything,
but the waves move, just the same
Behind the moon so clear.

All the water that ever was
Once carried the glass
And what did it dream?
Perhaps it dreamed of us
Perhaps it dreamed of God.

Stars spring out
And spin in spirals,
Or so it is said
When the moon is full and blue
When the window is open.

The curve of the universe
The cat said, is a blink of an eye
An eye full of sun
With playful lashes
And a smile in its depth

So go ahead and drink         
From a glass, from a dream of sand
The water of life, so bright and clean
Skate the tempests of ether,
Like a small boat cutting through time...

...Through the million nights
Through the blink of days.
Don’t fly until you’re ready
To jump through the windows
Above the curling wave of sea.

1 comment:

  1. "Skate through tempests of ether,
    Like a small boat cutting through time..."
    This is so achingly beautiful... I really love this poem, David. Really!