Sunday, April 15, 2012

Desert Trek

(Yucca At Twilight)

Warm radiance
brings comfort.
Expanse of clear
yellow light
smelling of
distant smoke
lifts me up.
I walk my
road surely,
a small smile
on my ageing face.
Tawny earth
not giving,
not taking,
sage breathes
shelters the meek
mute lizard,
quivering rabbit.

Onward, then
to the great rocks.
The barren mystery,
the diamond of the heart,
timeless, slow dance
of the dervish creosote.

Surely, I walk the road
paved with earth memory,
one hand and foot
striding forward,
the other side
poised to follow.

Bring me to the plateau.
Show me huge, turquoise skies,
voluptuous and pure.
In afternoons, in meager
flickering shade
of cottonwood trees
I will rest.
In my body
I will drink elemental wine.
I will sleep
with an arm over my eyes
until sainted winds
kiss my lips and cheek
and I arise.

Surely, walk again
the architecture of God
resounds with time
a million tales and poems
inviting me
to give my stony self
and become,


and wander no more.
(This poem republished from All Poetry)

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