Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poem: Promise

(A Glad Procession Of Trees, San Jose)

I know that when you look
out your window
everything looks dark

but, I promise you
dawn is coming.

See how it pales
at the knifeline horizon¦
soon sun will rise in the east.

Soon we can leave our rooms
of uneasy sleep
and dusty lightbulb smell.

I’ll show you a
rose and golden morning

Then we’ll go walking again
in the cool rising of light,
together, our hair shining like haloes.

And won’t it be fine
to make plans again and laugh.
It’s not so far off after all.

I’ll give you
all the rainbows you need
but don’t give up before you see

The rising of the mists
on a brand new day.

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