Sunday, July 15, 2012

Allergic Reaction

I met a girl 
Who was allergic to wheat
And a boy allergic to corn.
And there was one young lady
Who told me she would love
To be a vegetarian but,
She had a disorder that
Prevented her from refraining from meat.

I met someone else who 
Didn't like to eat fish.
Fish made her sneeze and swell up
And kids the world over, tragically,
Are allergic to broccoli and beets.
I even met someone, poor fellow!
Who said he was allergic 
to ice.

And so, 
I am reminded of my own allergy
To people who have allergies.
I must avoid them like the plague, 
And scuttle from their sight,
Or I know I will die
I just know it. 

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