Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mood Indigo

mood indigo

There is a blue so blue
it’s black
and a black that shines
deep blue.
The two meet
in midnight
under a blue, mysterious
And there are stars
about two billion you can see,
back behind the raised stand
where the piano man
conjures them, one by one,
into the smoky

…then comes from the line,
and casually
saunters in, so fine,
the lonely, throbbing
who weaves lines of longing together
until they wind tighter and shorter
until longing, aching turns frantic, wild,
throwing fingers, lips everywhere
on her invisible flesh
writhes and falls, screams and moans
and falls back, back, back
into the line
conceding, as he must…

…thumps dark bass
the ebony lumps, humps
the deeper brooding
thoughts swing,
where is she, where’s my baby
will she be there
tonight after the gig
will the clandestine match
be struck
after this midnight
in a blue sheet bed
in unknown shadow
will we love
will we meet
will my passion
be served
and will I serve
her own
now and will I be

Snakes in the drums
and sliding cymbals
to ruminate on beats
wind the clock
in eccentric springs,
sly: bodies move
in inkwell skies.
Here’s a lick and another
insistent, ancient
like the night shore crashes,
moving with hisses
pounding through hollow rock
and over luminescent

then the settling moon
nods and turns,
sleepy-eyed and sober,
to tie the threads
and merge all things
into familiar form.

And so, the melody
traces fingers along the curves
of the blue/black goddess,
caressing the microphone
invoking primal and pagan prayer
celebrating polished breasts, coffee thighs--
ecstatic promises,
Her essential swampy core,
the birthing of stars…
Look; she’s
confident, despite the words
of loss and heartache,
that she holds the key
to everything
in her long
obsidian fingers,
Sad eternal smiles
as she nods in time
to the swing of men,
all helpless and restless
hungering men
behind her on the stand.

And that’s how it all goes down;
it comes like a storm
from minds and loins,
the furnace of the void,
from heartbeats, through fingers
and sultry lips,
flashing lightning and rain
clearing, to reveal sweet night,
midnight black,
starry white

and mood indigo.

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  1. I love the sensuous imagery... the music comes alive. Excellent!