Saturday, August 11, 2012


("Angel With Lantern On An Old German Christmas Ornament" by David Saltaire)

Oh, if she ever comes around

like the sun upon my bed,

oh, and then the field of gold

will lay on green and tender joy.

Now, if she ever visits me

the sky will be so blue

and I’ll ride the clouds like her,

I’ll be rain and ocean, too.

In the heart of everything

there’s a longing to return;

to see the mighty river rush

to join the mother sea again.

My time will always tumble, turn

mine will return once more.

You will see my face again

in the space between the trees.

Oh, now here she comes, now

in her gentle quiet way.

Yes, she waits to lead you out

through dim valley to the peak.

Somehow, you were afraid

now it’s all charade--

things you left behind

fall into bright dust again.

and, when she wakes you, then

lotus or rose, or dandelion.

true gold you’ll know again

as you stand by her right hand.

Oh, and when she comes, now

robes of diamonds, midnight blue,

I will rise and come to her

joy and triumph on my brow.

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