Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your Poem

One day
all your resentments and anger will dissolve
your daily concerns
will vanish, breath on a mirror…
your prejudices will no longer torment you
your skin color will have lost meaning
your gender will mean less
the things you had gathered to yourself
will pass to other hands
it will no longer matter what you were
wearing or not wearing
your hungers will cease to trouble you
sex will no longer drug you with desire
your hopes and dreams will be at an end
your opinions will be silenced
you will cease to stumble
you will know only the past.

That day
your worth will not
be measured by what you collected
but what you gave away
It won't matter who your friends were
or who your daddy was
but, who remembers you with a smile
and why they loved you.

One day
this will happen to you
the only thing left of you
will be your poem
rippling like an echo
radiating outward
until it becomes part of the background
a movement, a pulse
vibrating forever
woven into the delicate
fabric of the universe.

Know this
and live your poem
let it ring clearly
let it celebrate something
help it to light the truth
it will be here a long time
it will be what’s left of your beauty.

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