Wednesday, November 28, 2012




Light comes in

through your shy face;

a window

where I can see

all things I know

are beautiful…


beautiful and young,

bright and earthy,

new grass, wildflowers

blue skies

Leopard grace

sunshine smile of brighter hue

than the finest, warmest gold.


Excited and alive


swirling up, a storm

of crackling ideas

childlike and intelligent

given freely to the day

with grins and hope.


You don't know it

but I love you today

with all the yearning,

all the soaring arrows

of truth and freedom

in my mind and soul.


I'll never tell you

for it wouldn't do

to mar your path

with selfishness

or, witless, heartless

allow you to feel a single pang

of regret, distaste, or pain

for something so unreal

and unneeded.



Though turned away,

in my hidden thoughts

I kiss your luminous face

hold your mystery in my arms

wonder at the universe

reflected in the surface

of your eyes.


I ask for nothing else of God

except-- let me love him

with my secret glance

which whispers

like a breath on glass

warmly, but without harm,

memory, or trace.








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