Friday, February 15, 2013

Jack's Song

We must now hark
To the slither of snakes
And the flitter of bats,
The twisting of minds,
Of the blood on the floor.

We make it dark!
Shake out black sheets!
Rise in night winds!
We spook it like demons,
Green in lurid red light!

We go down
Where the girl trod a loaf,
Where toads croak out love
And spiders spin madly,
Where vermin eyes glitter no pity.

Yes! Lovely shrieks
Claw at our throats,
While mechanical chains
Saw at false limbs.
Hollowly, glowgrins lick at the night!

Pound at the door,
Shout bloodcurdling cries!
The door slowly opens--
A shocking surprise!
  Evil intent on your pumpkin-lit porch.

Axes fall loudly
Webs wrap you tightly
Claws prick at your back
Sharp teeth at your throat
Luridly glowing, three thousand feet tall.
So, don’t give us Raisins,
We want the real loot!
Deadly sugars, dyed garish
To rev us up fully
And thus, fueled and sped-up
We’ll rip at the night!



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