Monday, January 16, 2012

Poem: The Story of the Sea

(Point Lobos)

They say the sea is full of tears
that's why it's called the sea
they're gathered up from everywhere 
just how’s a mystery.

It’s all been building up in there

for a hundred million years
some even say the dinosaurs
contributed their tears.

Some people have cold, black sharks

swimming in their eyes
some have jellyfish or shells
others, drowning flies.

The body is a beach of sand

beyond the forests grow
but nothing living can forget
the sea from which we flow.

Look out across the moving

waters from the land.
Some say it seems to call us
to come back again.

But, we’ve left the sea behind 

like so many things
and dried out in the air
into flesh or bark or wings.

Even so, seawater 

flows through our every vein
and flows back to the ocean
from all our joy and pain.

Tears carry off our bitterness

they carry sadness, too
sometimes I cry from happiness
of the love I have for you.

Out of all the tears that flow

salt-spray and tides that turn
clouds and rain, a freshening
this is our return.

They say the sea is full of tears

that’s how the sea has come to be
it’s ebbed and flowed for centuries
why is still a mystery.

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  1. Just beautiful, David. I have a feeling Reno is just a bit far from the beach.