Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poem: We came then, to the place

(Angel and Lantern On A Christmas Ornament)

When we came then, to the place
Where our love had laid us down
And covered all the grief
In tenderness and care,
That’s when I knew you for the first time
As you are, a part of mine
That’s when I knew myself, rejoicing
Not alone, but with you, now.

We fill each other’s hollows
Hold close in sweetened night
There is one, there is the other,
and then there is no other.

Here our bodies move together
Ancient movement, primal pleasure
Now the fingers of your mind
Touch so lovingly my soul
We entered the eternal
As I am, entwined in yours
That is when I then accepted,
I gave, and I rejoiced

Our bodies sang, dissolving
We merged with all around
Our glory filled all spaces
And the fire purified.

And it all comes down to this:
I need to have you near me
I will go through anything
So long as we can hold together.
As you are, so there am I
In the spreading sun of morning.
The day stands free before us
Hold my hand inside your soul.

We can climb the mountains
And fly right to the core,
Where God is you and I
And God is everything.

We have come now to this place
Where our bodies have laid down,
Renewed in verdant pastures
Clothed in the robe and crown
That we wore when we were born
Shining infants on a path
Enfolded in fine mist
No one can see its turnings.

The radiance is blinding
But we walk on, so emboldened
Because we’ve entered to the heart
Of every spinning, blazing star.

Image: Sun and Wildflowers, Palo Alto Baylands.

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